Best Paper Awards of 2021

Corporate Finance (sponsored by Wharton Research Data Services – WRDS)

“Investing in influence: Investors, portfolio firms, and political giving”

Marianne Bertrand, University of Chicago
Matilde Bombardini, UC Berkeley
Ray Fisman, Boston University
Francesco Trebbi, UC Berkeley
Eyub Yegen, University of Toronto​

Institutions and Markets (sponsored by the Eastern Finance Association)

“The Real Effects of Bank Supervision: Evidence from On-site bank inspections”

Andrea Passalacqua, Board of Governors of FRS
Paolo Angelini, Bank of Italy
Francesca Lotti, Bank of Italy
Giovanni Soggia, Bank of Italy

Investments (sponsored by the American Association of Individual Investors – AAII)

“The Smart Beta Mirage”

Shiyang Huang, The University of Hong Kong
Yang Song, University of Washington
Hong Xiang, The University of Hong Kong​

The Kuldeep Shastri Outstanding Doctoral Student Papers

“How can Innovation Screening be Improved? A Machine Learning Analysis with Economic Consequences for Firm Performance”

Xiang Zheng, Boston College

“The Propagation of Local Credit Shocks: Evidence from Hurricane Katrina”

Samir Mahmoudi, Georgia State University

“Can Time‐Varying Risk Premia and Household Heterogeneity Explain Credit Cycles?”

Mohammad Ghaderi, University of Houston