Best Paper Awards of 2022

Corporate Finance (sponsored by Wharton Research Data Services – WRDS)

“Investment Under Up- and Downstream Uncertainty”

Fotis Grigoris, Indiana University
Gill Segal, UNC – Chapel Hill​

Institutions and Markets (sponsored by the Eastern Finance Association)

“Intraday Liquidity and Money Market Dislocations”

Quentin Vandeweyer, University of Chicago
Adrien d’Avernas, Stockholm School of Economics

Investments (sponsored by the American Association of Individual Investors – AAII)

“Do pre-IPO investments generate information advantages? Evidence from mutual funds”

Julie Thuy Dung Ngo, Auburn University
Albert Wang, Auburn University​

The Kuldeep Shastri Outstanding Doctoral Student Paper

“Ex-Post Loss Sharing in Consumer Financial Markets”

Alexandru Barbu, London Business School

Runners-up for the Outstanding Doctoral Student Paper

“Active Mutual Funds: Beware of Smart Beta ETFs!”

Thanh Dat Le, Auburn University

“Labor Mobility, Firm Monopsony, and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Immigration Wait-Lines”

Abhinav Gupta, New York University

“Silent Activism”

Tanja Kirmse, Drexel University