2022 Meeting

The Eastern Finance Association held its 58th Annual Meeting in person at the Capitol Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC from Wednesday, April 6, to Saturday, April 9, 2022. The program is available at


EFA 2022 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Jonathan Sokobin, Chief Economist and Senior Vice President at FINRA, presented the keynote address and was presented with the EFA Distinguished Practitioner Award for 2022.

EXECUTIVE PROGRAM COMMITTEE: We thank the following distinguished academics for serving as our Executive Program Committee for the 2022 meeting:

Katsiaryna Salavei Bardos (Fairfield University)
Elizabeth A. Berger (University of Houston)
Ryan D. Israelsen (Michigan State University)
Ivan T. Ivanov (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System)
Eric Kelley (University of Tennessee)
Mete Kilic (University of Southern California)
Tingting Liu (Iowa State University)
David A. Maslar (University of Tennessee)
Stanislava (Stas) Nikolova (University of Nebraska – Lincoln)
Svetlana Petrova (University of New Hampshire)
Tim Riley (University of Arkansas)
Matthew Serfling (University of Tennessee)
Elena Simintzi (University of North Carolina)
Joshua T. White (Vanderbilt University)
Michael D. Wittry (Ohio State University)

We thank all presenters, discussants, and session chairs who helped make the meeting a success!

Larry Fauver, Vice President – Program (vpprogram@easternfinance.org)
James F. Smith, Jr. Professor in Financial Institutions and Kinney Family Faculty Research Fellow
Finance Department, University of Tennessee