The Financial Review Appeals Policy

The Financial Review Appeals Policy

We strive to provide a quick and high­ quality review process. If you believe that obvious errors were made during the review, you may email us at and explain your situation.

Please be as specific and precise as you can in your email.

At our discretion, we will either

  1. return the manuscript with your comments to the original referee,
  2. select another referee or Associate Editor to provide an independent report, or
  3. (deny the appeal.

Please note that while we will acknowledge receipt of your appeal, it is by no means guaranteed that your appeal will lead us to reconsider our decision.

We are providing this as a free service to authors so as to correct obvious errors in the review process (e.g., the reviewer unfortunately missed the analysis reported in Tables 7 through 10 and cited the lack of such analysis as a major reason to reject the paper).

So, please be considerate of our and the reviewers time and use this option sparingly